Extract from Now You Have Authority Vol I at The Flying Dutchman London, SE5 7SY on the 10th of May 2017. 


Projection mapped video installation, externally placed background audio on loop. 


"thingsthatcould'vebeenbutdidn't" is the result of a site specific enquiry into repurposing three of my films. The films themselves were made independent of each other and yet have the same geographic locations and content. An existing wooden shelf served as the surface for the projections and the audio piece was looped externally via a wireless speaker. 


Top Left: "as we walk"
Top Right : "the casual nonchalance of a rant"
Bottom Left: "things that could've been, but didn't"
Audio: "the world of insomniacs and light sleepers"




Image: Ben Lansky

Image: Ben Lansky